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Mr. Jason Dennis is a phenomenal lawyer. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable, precise, confident, and passionate about his work. Jason helped me through a difficult case. He gave me guidance and hope. He is always available for any questions or concerns. He is definitely my go-to lawyer! I am truly blessed and grateful to have Mr. Dennis as my attorney. Just FYI: My case was approved and granted. Jason Dennis is an awesome lawyer! 5 stars.

Gregory A.

I’ve had the greatest experiences with this immigration firm. Mr. Dennis guided me on my change of status, and after about two years of the process, I received my green card. After about 6-8 months, I received my work permit and Social Security. He and his firm were very friendly and helpful but overall very patient with me. Very grateful and pleased with his services.

Alexis Q.

Thank you so much, Mr. Jason, for your wonderful work. In less than 6 months, you helped me get my permanent residency. That was quicker than I imagined.

Lanaud V.

He is always ready to listen and help. I call his office, solution found. God shall continue to lead and protect him and his family.

Chelsy B.

From day one of my husband’s and my case consultation, Jason was very welcoming and attentive. He made us feel very comfortable which is why we decided to move forward with him. He always kept us up to date with our case and was responsive every time we had a question. If you’re looking for a Lawyer who is professional, caring, honest, accessible and loves what they do, Jason is your guy! You won’t regret it!

Andres G.

Counselor Jason Dennis is a very diligent and informative man. His explanations are very clear and detailed. We understood everything very clearly, and he prepared us for every possible outcome. He knew exactly what was going to happen and prepared us for everything that happened as well as things that didn’t happen. Although we were very anxious, his preparations were spot on and eased our anxieties greatly. He is a pleasure to work with and we would recommend him to everyone.


After a few terrible experiences with other lawyers, our case was postponed so many times, we thought it wouldn’t end well. Then we were referred to Jason by a friend. He is very charming and he is able to make all the legal words understandable. He was able to sort through all the mess the other lawyers left behind. He was very clear in explaining the procedures of every step and possible outcomes. He made sure we were prepared for every next step and for the interviews and court appearances. Explained the possibilities and probabilities clearly so we could understand and be ready. Our experience with Jason was very great. We will be asking him for any future accounts and will definitely recommend him to anyone who might need services like his. Thank you, Jason!

Ricki S.

When I started my immigration process I reached out to another lawyer and I did not like the vibe I got. I went online and I found Jason and the moment I spoke to him I knew there and then I wanted him to help me through the process. Let me tell you from day 1 he made me feel so assured and comfortable that I would get the best result by using him as my lawyer. No matter what questions I had he would always respond. He helped me with literally everything even to proofread my letters from my family so that I could make the best impression. His fees are also the best and he works out a payment plan with you if you don’t have the money upfront. You will not regret using him for your immigration needs, he is the best. I got my green card in the mail with no interview and my process took 8 months in total. I know I told him in person but I appreciate you Jason and I hope this review will reach far and wide because you are indeed the best.

Stacy Ann D.

Mr. Jason Dennis prepared and filed my paperwork for me. I found him to be very kind, respectful, and humble. He puts his clients first. You can call or text him anytime if you have a concern or an issue and if he missed your call, Mr. Dennis will call you back by the end of the night. Mr. Dennis will listen to whatever questions you have and advise you accordingly. If you are looking for a competent, humble, professional lawyer, Mr. Dennis is the lawyer.

Andrea M.

If you’re looking for any immigration help, this is the best person you can ever trust for the best results. I have known him for the past two years and I’ve never been ever disappointed. Always happy to be here with the best results. Without a doubt go for it. Thank you, Jason, for all your help and being so flexible, and always giving me great results. Thank you again. See you soon.

Disha A.

Working with Jason is truly a blessing. He communicated well about the whole process. He goes above and beyond to make sure everything went well.

Kevin B.

I just want to say thanks a million for a job well done for taking care of my son’s situation. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney. You were efficient, reliable, consistent, and respectful at all times. If anyone is looking for a very good lawyer, you have reached the best.

Sonia M.

Working with Jason Dennis was a very great experience. He is very professional and I would recommend him to anybody who is looking for an immigration lawyer.

Monique R.

I urgently needed to replace my Green Card. Jason helped me file an online application and it was approved in record time, 7 days!


Excellent across the board, Mr. Dennis superseded my expectations! He helped me with my case with precision and care, the human touch that we often think it’s lacking in this field. Jason helped me understand the different scenarios regarding my case and what avenues we could take. For those of you out there who spend a lot of time trying to think of favorable scenarios by yourself, there is so much we don’t know, it’s best to seek the help of a professional like Mr. Dennis. Words cannot express my gratitude to Mr. Dennis. Thank you.

Karl D.

He did a good job with us even if it’s not finished yet, but it’s really a very good start. I’m very happy to work with you. and with a very reasonable price, thank you very much.

Prema A.

Mr. Jason is the best attorney I have seen. He takes care of everything in your case. He picks up phone calls and answers emails. I strongly recommend him.

Sidpassate K.

I felt very comfortable working with him, very punctual, and easy to reach. I had my green card interview today and got approved all thanks to them. They worked very hard to get me to this point. Thank you very much!

Abrar Z.

I was referred by a friend of mine to The Law Office of Jason A. Dennis. Very helpful. Very professional. I’m very happy with his approach to my case. I will recommend him to any person who has an immigration case they need help with.

Edgar B.

Jason was handling our immigration process from scratch until the day when the green card had been delivered to my house via mail. Exactly 10 months. Very professional and knowledgeable. Very well organized, flexible, calm, deliberate, realistic, and very transparent. We felt very well taken care of. I highly recommend Jason.

Anna M.

Hired Mr. Jason on a recommendation of a friend. Glad I did, I found him to be a really caring attorney. He educated me on the process, which was good. He is a very professional and knowledgeable lawyer.

Charles L.

If you are looking for a reasonable price and great service, Jason is the right person to talk to. I was asked between $3000 and $6000 for my wife’s status change. Jason and his company delivered the same results for a much smaller price. He does what he says, no gimmicks. Don’t waste your money on a high-priced attorney. Call Jason.


Started working with Mr. Jason about a year or more ago and even though it has been hard due to COVID-19, he was very patient and answered all and any of the questions I had for him! The paperwork was very easy in my opinion! I don’t have much experience with law firms, but considering that, I have only positive first impressions of Mr. Jason!

Maria L.

I just reached out to him for clarification on some technical terms in my adjustment of status documents. He is kind, respectful, and helpful. I can’t thank him enough. I definitely recommend him. May God bless him abundantly.


Mr. Dennis is very professional and the environment is very welcoming and comfortable. I appreciate the effort made to ensure the client is well taken care of.

Marvin W.

Jason A. Dennis is the most professional and outstanding immigration attorney I know! He gave me proper direction with my case. He understood my case in-depth and listened carefully. His advice is very much careful. I will recommend Jason A. Dennis to make friends and colleagues. Thank you so much, Jason.

Noel A.

Mr. Jason is the best attorney I have seen. He takes care of everything in your case. He picks up phone calls and answers emails. I strongly recommend him.

Sidpassate K.

Jason came to our home and we showed him what we had done so far with the immigration process, he filed an appeal on our behalf and sent it off in a short space after our consultation. Jason gave us an exact copy of what he’d sent off to immigration and from then on it was a waiting game, but Jason was in contact with us throughout the wait. Jason is very polite, articulate, and great at what he does, for anyone reading this we highly recommend Jason and we’re grateful for everything he has done for us.

Gavin A.

Everything was done perfectly. It’s been a great experience working with him. He’s really knowledgeable and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs professional help. Thank you.


He was there with me every step of the way, took his time to explain everything, and even went with me to the interview. I received my green card within one week after the interview. Thanks for all your help and I would recommend him to anyone having any immigration issues. Thanks again.


Jason was super personable and transparent. He was easy to contact at all hours and even would text with you about questions. He was also very flexible with his schedule. I would highly suggest!


I consulted with Mr. Dennis and was able to understand how and why my case was going to get thrown out due to overwhelming evidence. I am truly grateful for an attorney who has the time to explain the process with ease and expertise.


Hands down the best lawyer out there. My experience with Jason was stupendous. Jason is professional, efficient, and personable. We were able to get my wife’s green card in one year smoothly and it wouldn’t have happened without getting help from Jason. He went above and beyond and did everything he could to ensure a great outcome. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney. I believe he is the best lawyer if you have a family immigration case. Thank you, Jason. It was a pleasure to work with you.

Mohammad Reza S.

Jason Esq. has gone far beyond any normal lawyer. He was reachable and obtainable. He even communicated by text. He made us feel like normal people not just like a number or one of many clients, which means a lot! I would definitely recommend him.


I came to Jason for advice on the legalities of renting out a condo that I own and was considering renting out. Jason was very professional and informed me of the rights I would have as a renter and the legal rights that tenants have. His information helped me in deciding on which way I eventually decided to go. I would give him an A+ for knowledge, understanding, and versing me on the law so that I would not put myself in a situation where I may have without his counseling. Thank you so much, Mr. Dennis.


I was guided through my asylum application considerately and informatively by Jason himself. Even more so, I felt understood and cared for by his expertise and efforts. USCIS granted me asylum just recently, and I couldn’t be more grateful as I write this on Thanksgiving. I would instantly recommend The Law Office of Jason A. Dennis for anyone seeking legal help, especially immigration assistance.

Adhithya S.

Law at its best, the most respectable person I’ve met in the field, very professional, goes the extra mile to get you the help you need to succeed in your case no matter how hard it seems. They find a solution hands down. I would recommend this firm to anyone needing the services of a lawyer you won’t be disappointed, great service!

Dena C.
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