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Immigration Lawyer in Manhattan

The Law Office of Jason A. Dennis offers services to help you with a wide range of immigration matters including permanent resident/green card petitions, family immigration petitions, temporary visa applications, litigating deportation, and removal proceedings, and naturalization and citizenship applications. If you need an immigration lawyer in Manhattan you can depend on, look no further than our firm.

Immigration Lawyer In Manhattan

United States immigration law is among the most complex in the country, and understanding its different facets can be critical to ensuring your case is handled in the correct manner. Ranging from deportation concerns to green card complications, there are many hurdles you may encounter that can threaten your citizenship or naturalization status.

Our experienced attorneys can help you protect your ability to stay in the United States if you have had difficulties with Immigration and Customs Enforcement or any other federal agency. If you are facing legal challenges the dedicated legal professionals at The Law Office of Jason A. Dennis can help. Our team has the experience and knowledge to provide the most effective representation available to help you navigate the entire immigration process.

Currently Accepting the Following Cases | Manhattan Immigration Firm

We take the following cases on behalf of our clients:

Our Experience In Immigration Law

We have experience in every area of United States immigration law, from deportation to visa applications and beyond. Whatever your reason may be for seeking entry into the United States, our team is prepared to provide you with the best opportunity to get your legal immigration status approved and secure your peace of mind. Contact us if you need legal services in any of the following areas:

Green Card Applications

Green cards may be applied for under different criteria. Whether you are a family member of a permanent U.S. resident or are married to one; if you have already legally entered the United States or are filing an application from outside the country. We are equipped to help you navigate the application process as quickly and simply as possible to become a legal green card holder.

Deportation And Removal Defense

You may face deportation from the United States for a number of reasons, including:

  • Overstaying an Immigrant Visa
  • Illegal Entry or Re-entry
  • Criminal Conviction
  • Status Violation
  • Violation of Immigration Law
  • Prohibited Employment Activity

Remember that deportation proceedings from the country often take time, which gives you the opportunity to build a removal defense. The government needs to prove that there is a valid reason for the removal of a non-citizen from the country. Consult with an experienced immigration lawyer in Manhattan to develop the best possible defense from deportation and argue on your behalf in immigration court. Deportation proceedings can be incredibly intimidating situations, but they can be overcome with the right preparation and aggressive deportation defense.

Naturalization And Citizenship

Naturalization is typically a rather simple process, but there are numerous requirements that you must meet in order to successfully apply. You can find all of these criteria listed in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) as well as on the USCIS’s website. The eligibility conditions of individuals will vary depending on immigration status and reason, so if you are facing an immigration challenge with your citizenship application or simply need legal advice navigating the process find an experienced naturalization lawyer.

Find The Right Immigration Lawyer

It is our job to provide clients with the legal knowledge and experience necessary to navigate the immigration process. We are committed to giving individualized service and representation while maintaining the highest level of professional integrity because we understand that all clients have unique needs.

We want to help you find the right legal solution for your specific situation. Immigration issues have a lot at stake, whether it’s navigating the range of visa applications or filing to secure a deportation suspension. Work with the talented professionals at The Law Office of Jason A. Dennis for the best legal representation possible for your case. Contact our immigration lawyer in Manhattan today!

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