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It’s no surprise that with over seven billion people in the world, your soulmate is from a different country. When you’ve found the one and decide to tie the knot, it’s imperative to understand that getting married won’t be easy. This isn’t due to the teamwork and communication issues many couples face but rather the result of the marriage visa interview those looking to come to the United States to wed their partner must undergo. If you’re unfamiliar with what to expect during this process, you’ll want to keep reading. Additionally, you’ll discover how a New York City K-1 fiance visa lawyer can guide you through these matters.

What Is a Marriage Visa Interview?

When you want to get married to someone who is a United States citizen or lawful permanent resident of the country, you must apply for a K-1 Nonimmigrant visa for a fiance. This allows you to enter the country and marry your spouse within 90 days of entry. Upon your marriage, you will then apply for a change of status, granting you lawful permanent residence within the United States.

However, to be approved for a K-1 visa, there are several requirements you must meet. This includes a marriage interview. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for couples to agree to marriage so the foreign-born party can receive their green card with no intention of remaining married once they receive their change of status. As such, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires applicants to sit through an interview to ensure their marriage is legitimate and in good faith.

What Can I Expect During This Process?

Your local U.S. embassy or consult will conduct the interview. Upon arrival, you must hand over several documents, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Your birth certificate
  • A from DS-160
  • Your medical exam results and vaccination records
  • The completed affidavit of support
  • Evidence supporting your relationship

The actual interview process will include several questions regarding your relationship with your spouse to determine that it is legitimate. They will ask questions about how you met, dates you’ve been on, wedding planning questions, and may even ask you to describe your future marital home in detail.

Can an Attorney Help?

Going through any interview can be incredibly nerve-wracking, as you may worry that, for some reason, the interviewer will think you are lying. However, it’s essential to be honest. If you cannot remember something, it’s better to admit it than to lie.

Additionally, you should know that you can obtain legal representation to help you through the K-1 visa process. Because this process can take considerable time, you may find that even a slight error during the application can delay your approval. As such, it’s in your best interest to work with an experienced attorney. Not only can they help you through this process to ensure there are no delays or errors in filing documents or scheduling appointments, but they can also help you prepare for your interview so you will feel confident.