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Jason has been practicing immigration law since 1998. He is also a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and the National Association of Legal Assistants.

The US immigration laws have been put in place so they can govern who gets entry into the United States and their duration in the country. The immigration laws as well govern what individuals that have been granted entry are permitted to do in the US as well as when they should leave. If you are looking to go through naturalization in the United States and become a permanent resident the Immigration laws control who can get admittance.

The laws and periodical updates that are passed by the US congress virtually govern all immigration. There are some limited areas of the immigration system such as political asylum that are governed by international laws. However, immigration in the US is generally not an issue of state law but federal law.

If you have the intention of working in the US beyond the time that you had been authorized to stay or in the case where you are looking to get advice and guidance on other issues to do with immigration which are not related to your J-1 or F-1 visa status as a non-immigrant it is necessary for you try and get a lawyer that specializes in issues to do with immigration. You should careful and thorough when looking for an immigration attorney. You need an immigration lawyer that will clearly communicate and give you the options that you have. While looking for an immigration attorney in New York it is important to ask what does an NYC immigration lawyer do.

Common Reasons Why You Need an Immigration Attorney

In certain situations Immigration lawyers have a particularly unique skill set that is important to individual who want to immigrate or live in the US. Some cases are more complex than others and depending on the complexity of your case it will determine how much you will have to pay for an immigration attorney.

If you are going through one of the below complex immigration matters in New York you should make it a priority to contact an immigration attorney.

Committing Immigration Violations

If you have previously violated immigration laws you may be in need of an immigration attorney. Some of the immigrations violations that you are likely to have committed in your previous applications are marriage fraud, overstaying beyond your visa expiration date in the country, misrepresentation, and getting into the US without inspection. As an immediate relative of a US citizen you will be able to overcome your visa stay without the help of an attorney. However, other distant relatives will need the help of a lawyer. The nature of your violation and how serious it is can eventually lead to you getting deported from the US. For this reason it is likely a good idea to invest in a skilled deportation lawyer to represent you during deportation proceedings.

A Criminal Offense

As a non-citizen there are certain offenses that will result in you being deported from the country. This will as well apply to any green card holders or permanent residence holder regardless of the period of time that they have lived in the US. Even without a conviction there are other serious consequences aside that include deportation that a non-citizen is likely to suffer. This is because a non-citizen if found conducting themselves in a certain manners can be deported. Some of these criminal activities include and are not limited to prostitution and trafficking of drugs. Even so it is important to note that any other criminal activities are likely to be problematic as well.

State laws are different depending on your location. If you want to understand how the conviction is going to affect your immigration case you can call the law office of Jason A. Dennis so your case can be analyzed by a skilled and experienced immigration lawyer.

Other Complex Situations You’ll Require an Attorney

There are times that you may be faced with an unusual situation during the immigration process that you will not be able to handle on your own. If, for example, a foreign diplomat would like to adjust their permanent residence status or maybe an applicant applying for naturalization has had a presumed disruption on their continuous requirement for residency has faced further complicates issues. In these cases it is best to entrust your case to a legal counsel.

It is a fact that even though there are plenty of lawyers out there not all lawyers are equal. Good immigration lawyers mainly focus in representing issues to do with immigration. It is important to carry out your research before deciding on the best experienced immigration attorney to represent your immigration issue in immigration court or before relevant authorities.

Services that an Immigration Attorney Can Offer

Defense against Deportation and Removal Proceedings

Federal and New York criminal codes both provide provisions that are separate for citizens as well as non-citizens. You should as well note that citizens and non-citizens don’t have similar legal rights when they are facing deportation. If the case proceeds to immigration and they are required to face criminal prosecution it is highly likely for deportation to occur. The legal service at the Law of office of Jason Dennis does it’s best to ensure that you prepare a deportation defense that is solid and that is highly likely to help you avoid deportation. As an immigration law firm we ensure that we offer our immigration clients legal assistance for the legal issues they have so they can avoid deportation.

Help With Asylum Cases

As a country the US is known to offer Citizens from other countries a safe haven from their home countries where they have likely suffered persecution. In the case where you and your family have escaped from a country that is at war on if you have been oppressed based on your religious beliefs or ethnicity you can get asylum for you and your family so you can have a new start in life. You can get help from an immigration attorney from the law office of Jason A. Dennis.  As an authorized immigration lawyer we will answer any legal question you have and help you to understand the legal proceedings that will lead to you qualifying for Asylum as the process can be complex.

A Familybased Immigration Petition

You can be able to find information of the process for legal permanent resident’s family as well as international relatives of Americans in the immigration and Nationality act of the Unites stated. If you need help finishing up on the required paperwork our firm can help you. We as well provide legal counsel on immigration proceedings and we can help if necessary. When you are trying to get approval for a family based-petition you can count on us to answer your immigration questions, offer legal advice, and give you guidance through the proceedings and as well offer legal counsel during the immigration proceedings. With our help you will be able to quicken the legal process.

Hire An Experienced Immigration Lawyer Today

A lot of individuals who live abroad have a common dream of immigrating to the US to live and work while others are pursue permanent residency. Despite where you come from the Law Office of Jason A. Dennis is ready to assist you as you go through the complex issues of immigration. We give comprehensive advice in connection to different types of immigration matters. As an authorized immigration service provider we know you want to fulfill your dream of being a resident of the United States and we want to help you get what you through the process.