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For many, the most anxiety-inducing part of the immigration process is the interview with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) officer. After all, this often puts people on the spot, forcing them to think on their feet. As such, many are unsure how to prepare for these meetings. The following blog explores what you must know about these interviews and what you can do to feel confident before going into your meeting. You’ll also learn how a New York immigration lawyer can help you through these challenging and anxiety-inducing times.

What Is the Purpose of an Immigration Interview?

Your immigration interview plays a significant role in determining the outcome of your application. There are a number of elements and factors at play when interviewed. The main point of this interview is to verify the identity of the applicant. While you’ve likely filed many forms and documents, this interview will confirm the questions you answered on your documents to confirm the validity of the answers you provided.

Additionally, as this interview happens nearly seven to fifteen months after your process begins, this is also a way for you to update and confirm any information that has changed over this period.

What Should I Know Before Going In?

Before your interview, it’s imperative to do what you can to prepare for this meeting. Unfortunately, many do not take the time to familiarize themselves with the common questions asked. This allows you to rehearse your answers so you can feel more confident going into your interview. Additionally, you don’t want to have to continually reference your documents, as this will make you seem unsure and unfamiliar with your answers.

Additionally, you’ll want to ensure you gather the necessary documents and make copies. You’ll want to bring both originals and copies, just in case. If necessary, you’ll also want to bring an interpreter to help translate if you do not speak English. In the event you do not understand a question, don’t panic. Ask the officer to repeat or rephrase it. If you are still unsure, admit that. Do not try to lie.

Finally, you’ll want to be sure you arrive on time and dress appropriately. These interviews are part of the legal process, meaning it’s critical to ensure you make a good first impression on the officer, as they hold much of the fate of your immigration application in their hands.

Can an Immigration Attorney Help Me?

If you are preparing for your immigration interview, the most important thing you can do is to help you through this process. Unfortunately, immigration is a complex legal process, and having the advice of an attorney is invaluable. Not only can this lawyer help you prepare for the questioning, but they can also help gather documents to ensure you arrive prepared. Additionally, your attorney can accompany you to the interview, which can help provide peace of mind.

At the Law Office of Jason A. Dennis, we understand how nerve-wracking immigration interviews can be. That’s why our compassionate and dedicated team is ready to help you. Contact us today if you’re ready to embark on your immigration journey.